Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Burlesque & Punk Rock

Some of you may question just how influential burlesque has been on punk rock: at first glance the two styles/movements whatever, could not be more different!
But, taking a closer look at some of the original punks, and moving on to the noughties (wannabe) punks, we can see that they have clearly drawn some of their inspiration from some of our favourite stars of burlesque...
Take a look at the picture above, showing Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless/Gossip Girl. She may not be wearing a corset or have a beauty spot tattooed just below her left temple but she IS wearing glitter and suspenders, two things a true burlesque icon would never be without. Personally, I've worn suspenders in public before and I don't see a problem with it, as long as you dress them down with a jumper dress or huge man's shirt they aren't inappropriate at all.

The woman in the picture above is Nancy Spungen, one of my all time favourite people. Ever. Yes, she looks slightly OTT in this picture but that was because she was a rock star and didn't give a fuck. So, ignoring the obscene amount of makeup, notice how she's wearing skin-tight leopard print, how her curly peroxide crop is suspiciously like an unkempt version of Marilyn Monroe's and how, if her makeup was toned down, it wouldn't just be similar to a burlesque star's, it would be identical to that of a performer.
So no, you may not see girls wandering down the high street wearing suspenders, furs, corsets, leopard print and red lipstick all at once, but it can't be denied that elements of it can be incorporated into just about any style, even punk rock.

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